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Extreme Marksmanship: Splitting a Playing Card at 50 Yards

22Plinkster tests the marksmanship envelope in an attempt to split a playing card half a football field away, and he's using an original Henry to do it.

Our friend Dave Nash, aka 22Plinkster, says he hasn't been doing a whole of shooting since he recently moved into his new home. But he's going to put himself to the test with a wickedly challenging feat of marksmanship.

He's going to attempt to split a playing card on its edge at 50 yards. That's half the length of a football field, hitting a target less than 1/64 of an inch across.

And you might say that the kicker is the rifle he using: a Henry Original 1860 model chambered for .44-40, with open sights.

At 50 yards it's nye impossible to see the edge of a playing card, so 22Plinkster placed a drinking straw on the card's edge to give himself a target he could see.

Well, it took three shots: First shot to the right. Second shot to the left. But the third shot elicited a "Hey diddle diddle, right down the middle," from Nash.

As he and his cameraman walked down to examine the shot he repeated his praise for the Henry. "This Henry rifle, I'm telling you, it's one of the most shootable rifles I have ever put in my hands."

"That probably has to be the longest free-handed card split I have ever done," he says. "Who knows, maybe next time I'll try to split a playing card backwards, at 50 yards using this rifle!"

Every time this guy makes a crazy shot like this I always think, "Heck, I could've made that shot...if I had about 10,000 rounds and a month to do it in." But I think I might be giving myself way more credit than I deserve.

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Extreme Marksmanship: Splitting a Playing Card at 50 Yards