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Extreme Long Range Shot: Huge 13-Inch Tahr

new zealand long range tahr shot

When it comes to free range hunting in New Zealand for tahr, you need to be more than good when you make a long range shot like this.

When I got off the phone with Gregg Ritz for our interview a couple weeks ago, I immediately began checking out videos of tahr hunting in New Zealand. He explained to me the challenges of hunting in New Zealand and how excited he was to get out there and hunt on his own terms, free range, on foot with no helicopters.

He mentioned to me the importance of taking several practice long range shots and relying heavily on a solid firearm, scope and ammunition. When he mentioned he would be taking these long range shots I was quick to see other videos.

When I found this video, I was amazed at the accuracy, challenge and overall shot this person took at the distance this was.

This video was taken from the New Zealand's foremost genuine free range hunting Outfitter's YouTube channel. Their video description does not give a distance that this shot was taken at but just before zooming in you can see that this is anything but close range.

You can see the accuracy the shooter had as the bullet slowly comes into frame for the shot and to say it is impressive is an understatement.


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Extreme Long Range Shot: Huge 13-Inch Tahr