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Watch the Most Dangerous Land-Based Fishing in the World

land-based fishing

These Aussie anglers risk it all to catch game fish from Australia’s dangerous ocean platforms.

What lengths would you go to to catch big game fish? Would you risk it all?

The answer depends on how much you love fishing. For these extreme land-based game anglers, fishing is everything. It’s life.

The video below is a preview for Morning Tide Fishing, an upcoming web series that explores the dangers and thrills of extreme land-based fishing along Australia’s rugged ocean platforms.

These rocky outcrops provide lure-casters access to game fish like tuna, sharks, queenfish and mackerel – species that are normally caught offshore. But there’s a catch: these locales are incredibly dangerous.

The young anglers in the video are up for the challenge, even if it could cost them their lives.

Is extreme land-based fishing worth the risk or completely insane? You be the judge.

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Watch the Most Dangerous Land-Based Fishing in the World