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Polar Bear Swim: Extreme Ice Fishing [VIDEO]

In this video of extreme ice fishing, this Swedish lad proves there’s more to it than just sitting and waiting.

In a new definition of hardy, this young man conquers a big Northern pike during the Swedish winter.

While we don’t suggest diving into icy water, you’re not ice fishing if you don’t have ice.

After this, you’ll never look at a frozen lake the same way.

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That is some extreme ice fishing.

While there is some question as to the legitimacy of the catch, there can be no doubt that that’s a man emerging from the water.

Think the fish is dead? Check again at the 1:11 mark.

Given the blue sky and calm conditions, it’s a prime location to set a few tip ups and settle in. Given the snow and ice, it’s also a good place to keep your clothes on!

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Polar Bear Swim: Extreme Ice Fishing [VIDEO]