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These Extreme Hammock Locations Will Leave You Shaking Your Head [PICS]

When we say extreme hammock locations we’re talking about places that will leave you asking… why?

Sometimes as human beings we have to push the limits of our abilities.

Sometimes we just have to push the bounds of sanity.

Whichever one we choose, just be ready for people to find a way to put themselves at risk to enjoy that “feeling alive” moment.

Well, just make sure you take some pictures like these.

Modern ingenuity has never been quite so heart-thumping.

Who was the first one to say “I’m going to climb that mountain, but stop halfway and camp for the night?”

Thankfully for us someone not only thought about it, but followed through and took some of the most petrifying pictures of human madness that we ever took a look at.

Stop for a moment to enjoy the scenery and the people who live life to the fullest.

Check out the most extreme hammock locations that you will ever see.

Images via Hammock Fanatics

Coffee anyone?

Upon the first sound of the horn, I’m done.

Field trip from hell.

Wait, what?

Um, is this up- or down-facing?

Cheerios and pitons for breakfast.

Not. Even. Once.

Just another day at the office… if your office is in a lunatic asylum.

The highway department needs to have one of these waiting for everyone of us who commutes.

The guy with the camera gets the short end of the stick again.

Yes, please.

Seriously, what’s the helmet gonna do?

Heroes relaxing.

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These Extreme Hammock Locations Will Leave You Shaking Your Head [PICS]