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Extreme Fishing: Bajau Man Dives 20 Meters [VIDEO]

This man takes fishing to a whole new level. 20 meters below sea level, to be exact.

This YouTube video, posted by BBC from the Human Planet series is a great testament to human abilities.

This guy is capable of fishing even further down, for longer amounts of time than what is shown here.

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The man in the video is named Sulbin and is from a group of people dedicated to living seaborne lives. The Bajau people are located in Southeast Asia, in countries such as the Philippines and Borneo.

Sulbin shows us that it is truly possible to go to such depths of the ocean without human tools such as scuba gear, and he has been diving like this his entire life. Not just anyone could easily train themselves to descend to such levels of the sea without having major physical complications.

Not only is it extremely difficult to maintain stable physical conditions under that much pressure, but imagine throwing the task of fishing into the mix.

Have you seen anything like this before? What’s the longest you’ve held your breath underwater?

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Extreme Fishing: Bajau Man Dives 20 Meters [VIDEO]