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Must-See: Extreme Close Range Elk Hunt [VIDEO]

You won’t believe how close this young bull elk gets to the hunter before the shot is taken.

In this video from Solvid FIY, a hunter calls in a young bull elk to within 12 yards before making his shot and he caught it all on tape. Check out this incredible POV elk hunt and feel the adrenaline this hunter surely did.

It only takes one POV elk hunt like this to get any hunter hooked on hunting the species for life. Even if a shot doesn’t present itself, a close range encounter like this one is still exhilarating in and of itself.

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Close range shots on elk are not completely out of the ordinary as the rutting bulls are quick to defend what they perceive as a threat to their harem. These testy bull elk will often approach to a close range and never even sense danger until it is too late. Of course, with the modern advances in camouflage clothing and scent elimination, the elk have even less of an edge over the hunter.

Hopefully this video got you amped up for your own hunting season even if you don’t plan on heading out after elk this year. There is nothing like that adrenaline rush of filling a tag so get out there and experience it for yourself this season!

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What was the closest a game animal has ever gotten to you on a hunt? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Must-See: Extreme Close Range Elk Hunt [VIDEO]