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Extraordinary Fair Chase Archery Mule Deer Hunt [VIDEO]

This account of an extraordinarily tough hunt is proof that the most rewarding hunts are often the hardest.

Dave Loescher, Brady Miller and Mather McKallor, along with pack goats Pedro and Vinny, hike into the Nevada high mountains to search for an exceptional mule deer buck. The experience is recorded in the goHunt film production “Elements: High Country Mule Deer.”

It’s a hard hunt, with physical challenges galore, including a 13-mile pack in over rough terrain, high elevation and relentless bad weather.

The men glass and find a honey hole where several young and impressive bucks are located. They settle on a buck and begin to make plans to stalk the animal in the harsh terrain.

Miller makes at least two stalks on separate days, finally connecting after he stalks to a position several yards above the bedded animal, where he makes a perfect shot. It is fair chase hunting at its finest.

While conditions are challenging for the hunters, the environment and scenery are incredible. The payoff is not only that the hunt resulted in a filled tag on an excellent mule deer buck, but that the hunters experienced the kind of hunt that many only dream of.

Long after the meat has been consumed there will be stories of a rugged and satisfying fair chase hunt and memories to last a lifetime.

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Extraordinary Fair Chase Archery Mule Deer Hunt [VIDEO]