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Extra Raw Sashimi Actually Jumps From the Plate [VIDEO]

Extra fresh indeed…

In Japan, this is a delicacy. To me, it seems like something that might only be tempting in a survival situation. Sashimi is actual raw fish sliced very thin, which is actually different than sushi since it is not truly “raw” meat.

When this customer’s plate of fish began to twitch, the 21st Century reaction was to pull out the cell phone and start recording. It wasn’t long before the fish had enough momentum to hop right off the plate and onto the table.

The obvious reaction followed suit when the dining visitors screamed at the reaction to the fish “coming back to life.” While some may find this horrific, and in a way it is, this is a common way amongst animals. It happens to be most notable amongst fish, but frog legs in the skillet will often respond the same way, or even a snake.

Either way, it’s still not an ideal situation and most definitely why I prefer my fish fried.

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Extra Raw Sashimi Actually Jumps From the Plate [VIDEO]