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Exploding Sodium Potassium Bullets are Insane

sodium potassium bullets

Sodium potassium bullets are just incredible.

These ballistic science experiments sure make a mess out of targets. Here’s what sodium potassium bullets can actually do.

Youtuber TheBackyardScientist has an incredible video to share of quite a cool experiment. He made sodium potassium bullets the wreak absolute destruction.

First, this experimenter tried sodium bullets and potassium bullets. With these improvised loads, the destruction was quite remarkable. He then combined sodium and potassium together for a target destroying round like no other. The sodium potassium bullets expand quickly and literally blow up targets. They also leave a sweet tracer trail as they speed to the target. These bullets are just plain insane.

While it’s probably a bad idea to make these sodium potassium bullets at home, they sure make a mess unlike any other bullet on the planet.


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Exploding Sodium Potassium Bullets are Insane