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‘Expert’ Says the Difference Between an Assault Rifle and Hunting Rifle is the Scope

According to a forensic expert, the only difference between a standard hunting rifle and an ‘assault’ rifle is the scope that your put on it. What? 

Jennifer Barringer is considered by some media outlets, including Fox News, as a forensic expert. Until now, she has been best known for defending Phil Spector during both of his murder trials. However, beginning today, she might have sealed her fate as the defense attorney who knows the least about guns.

Barringer didn’t stop with the scope comment. She went on to say that someone could do this type of heinous crime with items that can be bought at “the grocery store”. I’m not sure where she shops, but we may need one in every community.

According to Barringer’s LinkedIn profile, she has worked on various other high-profile cases including the Casey Anthony murder trial.

While she is obviously totally inept as a firearms expert, one must also wonder about the reasoning behind Fox News asking a forensic expert about firearms. Nowhere in Barringer’s vitae does it say she has any experience in firearms or any field related to firearms.

She says herself that “she is well versed in all areas of criminology, pathology, blood spatter pattern analysis, DNA interpretation and toxicology”, but nothing about firearms.

It appears that she keeps herself busy between high-profile cases pushing pencils. Her primary role as an attorney is as a compliance consultant. In this role she “specializes in business consulting solutions in the areas of regulatory compliance, legal, financial filings, accounting, technology and specialty staffing. Compliance counsel position advising hedge funds, investment advisers, broker-dealers, BDCs and other alternative and traditional asset managers, on all matters of regulatory law”.

Not only did she embarrass herself, Fox News should be ashamed for using her in this instance. She obviously has no knowledge of the area she is spouting about and might live in bubble in her New York area law office.



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‘Expert’ Says the Difference Between an Assault Rifle and Hunting Rifle is the Scope