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Expert Advice You Need to Know When Fishing Swimbaits

Find out what you may be doing wrong while fishing swimbaits in your local waters.

Fishing swimbaits has become one of the most popular ways to consistently land BIG largemouth bass. What most people don’t know is that many people work the baits all wrong.

Thankfully, Dave Mercer, pro angler & host of Facts of Fishing, put together this awesome video showing you some helpful tips on how to properly work your favorite swimbait.

As you can see, Dave is a huge fan of working the baits slowly and allowing them to move naturally in the water. Most people have a tendency to twitch or vary their retrieval speed from time to time. While these tactics can sometimes produce strikes, Dave suggests a slow and steady retrieve.

If you dig Dave’s advice then be sure to follow his Youtube Channel so you don’t miss a minute of his expert advice.


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Expert Advice You Need to Know When Fishing Swimbaits