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Experience Means Life or Death When Charged by a Lion [VIDEO]

As an enraged lion crashed through the brush, the reaction for this experienced hunter is the definition of “cool under pressure.”

“When lion hunting goes wrong, you want my buddy Cliff Walker (green shirt) in front of you with his .577NE double. He’s tough as nails, and extremely experienced!”

That’s what “The World of Sports Afield” host Aaron Neilson says about Cliff Walker’s quick and determined action in this short video. 

We hear the growling and thrashing brush a split second before the charging lion leaps into view.

Note where Walker is when he shoots. Note where the lion drops from Walker’s shot.

This film was taken only two weeks ago in Walker’s Rifa Safari Area in Zimbabwe. We are hoping to see more film from this particulat hunt, but at this moment this is the first footage released.

Neilson again praises Walker’s actions with a bit of the know-how that comes from experience:

Note Cliff’s first motion is to drop to a knee!!! That shows you his knowledge/experience with charging lions. Always drop down to get on the same level, as when a lion charges he comes low – getting eye level makes it easier to place an accurate/stopping shot.

Hats off to the cameraman as well. This fellow also must have a spine made of steel to have gotten such a steady film while his adrenaline was pumping.

“I love lion hunting, but this part I can do without!” Neilson says.

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Experience Means Life or Death When Charged by a Lion [VIDEO]