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Experience Florida Tarpon Fishing at Its Best [VIDEO]

Watch the trailer for season two of “Silver Kings” and discover what tarpon fishing is all about.

Every spring a run of prehistoric fish sweeps across Florida’s coastal flats drawing anglers from all over the world. “Silver Kings” tells the story of the men and women who attempt to catch these fish on flies.

Watch the video to see why you should book a tarpon fishing trip for spring 2016.

Tarpon fishing in Florida has a lot going for it. It takes place in the spring when many folks are still recovering from a bad case of the wintertime blues.

The fish are easily located in shallow water and, if you time your trip correctly, they are plentiful. However, the reason tarpon fishing is so popular is the fish themselves.

Tarpon are big, with weights ranging from 50 pounds up to 200 pounds. They are hard fighters and landing a fish often requires an hours-long battle complete with acrobatic displays and hard runs by the hooked fish.

Book a trip now and get ready for some hardcore tarpon fishing action come spring 2016 or catch the new season of “Silver Kings” in January 2016.

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Experience Florida Tarpon Fishing at Its Best [VIDEO]