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Expensive Oklahoma Bucks Poached by Teens Bragging on Social Media

Two stud Oklahoma bucks worth fifteen thousand dollars were poached at a high fenced farm in Delaware County.

Whatever your stance on high fence hunting may be we can all agree poaching has no room in the deer hunting industry whatsoever.

That's exactly what happened in Rose, Oklahoma according to the local news station. On Christmas morning, the owner of the farm in southwest Delaware County discovered that his fence had been cut and a blood trail led outside of the fence.

The main breeder was a 13-point buck and the second was a 10-pointer. The two bucks were killed at 3:00 am with a bow. According to game warden Kody Moore, he and his partner asked for help on their department Facebook page. Moore said he was on to something when a teenager reported that he had legally harvested a 13-point buck with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife. Over the next couple of weeks, Moore continued searching for tips when a concrete tip came in saying that the poachers were bragging about their kill on social media.

"In a situation like this, I don't know what you'd be proud of," Moore said after receiving the news about the bragging poachers. The deer skulls were found in the attic of a vacant house. The poachers apologized, and now the case will be taken to the Delaware County District Attorney to decide the consequences.

The licensed owners of the farm lost fifteen thousand dollars in two bucks which will hopefully be paid back in restitution, however what's done is done. Now the family will have to wait potentially a few years before they can grow a buck of the same caliber.

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Expensive Oklahoma Bucks Poached by Teens Bragging on Social Media