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Exotic Pets Are an Issue, and This Python in Florida Proves It [VIDEO]

Here’s another great of example of a less than intelligent human being creating an issue that could have been dangerous for many people.

Releasing a non-native species into the wild is not only disrespectful to your homeland, but a hazard for many others.

Florida has become a hotbed for this with established breeding populations of non-native species in the Everglades and this video is more proof of the issue.

The market for animals, such as this African Rock Python, here in the United States is enormous. People love to keep these animals as “pets” or simply locked up for their whole lives to look at rather than in their natural habitat.

People so often obtain these creatures when they are young and small, which works temporarily until they reach a full grown status. When these animals are too big, owners wouldn’t destroy a creature they’ve housed for years, so they often turn them loose thinking it won’t hurt anything.

This thought is a huge and devastating lie; the consequences are huge. Snakes that reach this size and length that hurt a dog, cat, or even child. It’s just a scary thought, not knowing what is hidden in the bushes of your subdivision.

It is illegal to own one of these snakes without a license in Florida, which few have obtained, making it a crime to take the animal anywhere.

In that lies the problem, forcing others like these police officers, to deal with a problem like this instead of handling more important responsibilities. When enough of the same species become loose and wild, the threat of breeding populations is huge, as the impact on the natural environment could be devastating.

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Exotic Pets Are an Issue, and This Python in Florida Proves It [VIDEO]