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10 Exotic Game Animals to Go After On an International Hunt


Looking for an international hunt that gives plenty of opportunities for exotic game animals? 

If you're ready to plan your first international hunt, you'll want to get as much bang for your buck as you can, right? Or maybe you've experienced what it's like to hunt overseas, but were left disappointed, either by the lack of game you saw, or the amount of money you weren't expecting to pay.

South Africa and New Zealand provide opportunities at multiple animals for a relatively reasonable price. They're popular locations, but are amazing in their own ways.

Here are 10 trophies (common and uncommon) that can be taken:

South Africa

South Africa provides hunters and families a great and relatively safe experience for their first time overseas. With a variety of concessions, activities and sights to see, you are guaranteed a trip of a lifetime.

1. Black Wildebeest


Also known as the Clown of Africa, Black Wildebeest not only make a stunning trophy, but also a sight to see. For no apparent reason, they can go from feeding to fighting to sprinting in circles as a heard. Trophy Fee: $1,400

2. Bushbuck


The bushbuck is a very shy animal creating a very challenging and rewarding hunt. Featured in Peter Hathaway Capstick's book, Death in the Long Grass as one of the most unpredictable and therefore deadly of the plains game, especially when wounded. Trophy Fee: $1,250

3. Impala


The Impala is your classic African trophy and is a must for every first timer. Although very common and plentiful, they spook like the white tail deer. Trophy Fee: $500

4. Waterbuck


The Waterbuck is a stunning animal that lives up to its name and is a sight to see when they enter a watering hole. They secrete an oil that forms a waterproof layer around the hair and protects the skin when they enter water. Trophy Fee: $2,750

5. Gemsbok


The Gemsbok is another classic African Trophy. Although found on exotic ranches in Texas, hunting one of these beautiful animals in South Africa offers a fun challenge and make a great addition to your taxidermy collection. Trophy fee: $1,400

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6. Springbok


Last, but not least, the National Animal of South Africa makes for another great trophy. These animals come in four different colors (common, black, white and copper) and can make for a great grand slam hunt. Trophy fee for a Common: $750

Prices taken from Quagga Safaris

New Zealand

New Zealand provides hunters and families another great opportunity to see the world. Although all of their big game is introduced, these animals have not only flourished due to not having any natural predators, but also provide amazing opportunities at world class trophies.

7. Tahr


The Himalayan Tahr is native to Southern Tibet, Northern India and Nepal. Although they can be hunted by helicopter, for the naturalist, it can provide a challenging and rewarding experience by climbing a mountain to get an opportunity at one of these animals. When in the rut, their mane fluffs out in all its glory. Trophy fee: $4,500

8. Fallow Deer


Native to western Eurasia, the Fallow Deer offers a very unique palmated trophy to the deer hunting enthusiast. Like the Springbok, Fallow Deer can come in different colors (Common, Menil, Chocolate, and White) as well and can make for a great collection. Trophy fee: $3,350

9. Chamois


Considered one of the more challenging animals to take, the Chamois is a very shy goat. They like to hide in the mountains around very thick brush and often spook very easily. They are native to the mountains in Europe. Trophy Fee: $4,500

10. Red Stag

red stag

Finally, one of the most renowned trophies in New Zealand, the Red Stag naturally inhabits most of Europe and Asia. They are sure to be one of the few hunts where you do not take the biggest one you see. Outfitters like to call the largest bulls "cha-ching" bulls due their large trophy fees, but a really nice 300-319 inch bull can be taken for a relatively low trophy fee. Trophy Fee: $3,500

Prices taken from Kiwi Safaris

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