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Exotic Animals in Weddings: The Next Big Thing [VIDEO]

Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable, so why not invite a couple llamas and maybe a lion to take pictures with?

Recently, Kim and Garette Ziem tied the knot and had a couple exotic animals as guests. The llamas, Paintball Pete and Serendipity, attended the ceremony and posed for pictures afterward. This is just one example of many recent appearances of exotic animals at weddings.

Watch this video showing how exotic animals in weddings are becoming a trend, with couples requesting the presence of llamas, elephants and lions during their nuptials.

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It appears exotic animals in weddings is the new trend. From the penguin proposal in Ohio, to wedding rental spaces at the Lion Habitat Ranch in Las Vegas, there a dozens of ways to put these creatures on the guest list.

Remember, if you want to have an animal in your wedding, be sure of three things: Any animals used must be licensed, the owners must file their itinerary and owners must be able to ensure the animal is a safe distance from the public.

However, if you live in Huntington Beach, Calif., you’re out of luck since exotic animals in weddings have been against the law since 2002.

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Exotic Animals in Weddings: The Next Big Thing [VIDEO]