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Exodus Outdoor Gear: The Newest Name in Trail Cameras [VIDEO]


This trail camera company boasts customer support above everything. But that’s not all that’s great about Exodus Outdoor Gear.

When a company is truly invested in their customers, it builds consumer confidence. As sportsmen, we’re more likely to hand over our hard earned money for a product that is truly backed by a company.

Exodus Outdoor Gear fits in that group, and there’s good reason why.


Three serious Ohio whitetail deer hunters, Matt Kline, Chad Sylvester,and Steve Sylvester, were day dreaming after a long day of scouting when they wished there was a company that offered superior customer service and wasn’t worried about creating the next big slogan.

Essentially, the founders of Exodus wanted to create a trail camera that truly cares and takes care of their fellow hunting peers.

I had to the opportunity briefly chat with the three founders, and their devotion and personal commitment of customer satisfaction is no doubt impressive. The framework of Exodus was based on a relative phrase used in the construction industry: “If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.”

Photo 1
Exodus Outdoor Gear

A few months later, the three deer hunters’ daydream became a reality. Exodus Outdoor Gear created an effective trail camera backed extensively by a lengthy, legitimate warranty. No other trail camera manufacturer in the market offers the same type of warranty.

Luckily, I was able to get my hands on the Exodus Lift earlier this month, shortly after its release. I was excited to test it out and see what Exodus Outdoor Gear was all about.

First Impressions

First thing’s first: the unboxing of the Exodus Lift. Before I splurge on any new product, I like to know exactly what is in the box and get a feel for it, so hopefully the unboxing gives you a full idea of what’s in store.

My first impression of the Exodus Lift was the sleek design of the box. The packaging of many other trail cameras practically takes a machete to get through the hard plastic. I could tell the folks at Exodus made a conscious effort to create a sense of excitement while taking the camera out of the box.

Once I got my hands on the camera, it looked and felt like a high quality product. It didn’t feel like cheap plastic; it felt like it’s built to last.

The back housing of the camera is made of aluminum alloy with an all weather finish.

Photo 2
Exodus Outdoor Gear

The owner’s manual was easy to digest and gave a direct number to Exodus, so customers can call or text message questions. From my experience, they were always available and replied with useful information.

Ease of Use

After toying with the new trail camera, I found the view screen very helpful when setting it up. It was easy and painless, with little to no guesswork.

Overall, I found the camera extremely easy to set up and use.

The Exodus Lift also has many comprehensive settings to tailor your experience.

For instance, users can customize the video length, operating hours, and picture delay. You can also enable security passcode features.

Bottom Line

Breaking down all of the features, the Exodus Lift is a very sound camera. Its specs won’t necessarily blow you away, but they definitely hold their own compared to other trail cameras.

I wish the camera had a slightly faster trigger speed. The Exodus Lift has a .9 second trigger speed, which is a little slow, but it still gets the job done.

In my opinion, the customer support and the five-year warranty outweigh all other aspects. You can purchase a new camera at 50 percent off if your camera is damaged or stolen. To me, this makes the Exodus Lift one of the most appealing trail cameras on the market at $229.

If you love looking at trail camera pictures, check out their Facebook page for exclusive pictures and information about the Exodus Lift.

For more information and to view all the specs of the Lift visit Exodus Outdoor Gear.

Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Exodus team if any questions come to mind.

All photos by Jake Hofer unless noted

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Exodus Outdoor Gear: The Newest Name in Trail Cameras [VIDEO]