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Exhausted Moose Rescued from Icy Lake in a Heartwarming Video


A cow moose fell through the ice and at least four individuals teamed up to get her out and back to safety. This is one impressive moose rescue.

Here’s a brief video of four individuals who joined together to venture out onto a frozen lake, and put themselves in danger by engaging in a heroic moose rescue!

A cow moose had broken through the ice covered waters of Loon Lake in Washington. She struggled to free herself but could not gain any traction to pull herself out. Meanwhile her calf waited on the ice in the bay, unsure of what to do.

That’s when four local residents, including a Spokane Valley Fire Fighter, teamed up with a plan to affect a moose rescue. Watch this video with sound if you can; the rescuers’ comments are great to hear.

The men broke up as much ice as possible before using ropes and getting close to pull her up and out of her icy prison.

A woman was able to capture the last minute-and-a-half of the rescue, just as the men pulled the cow from the ice. She (the moose) looked exhausted and cut up a little bit from battling against the edges of the ice. She was very shaky once she got up onto her feet.

But she seemed to regain her strength a little as she walked forward.

They indicate that she was able to eventually walk off the lake and into the woods, presumably where she was joined by her calf.

We can only hope that she recovered enough to regain her strength completely. But regardless, hats off to the four men and anyone else who braved the dangerous conditions to rescue this moose.

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Exhausted Moose Rescued from Icy Lake in a Heartwarming Video