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EXCLUSIVE: Cody Guess Opens Up About the New World Record Turkey in Kentucky

On April 21st Cody Guess went out on just another Kentucky turkey hunt, and went home with a new world record turkey.

After finally getting the official word from the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) that he is the official new world record turkey holder, Cody Guess talked to Wide Open Spaces about the hunt, the bird, and the day that put him in the record books.

The new world record turkey officially weighed in at 37.6 pounds, had 1.25 inch spurs and a 9.75 inch beard. According to Guess, the hunt started out just like most days during the Kentucky spring turkey season: by heading to the family farm in Lyon, Kentucky.

Guess says that he had never seen this turkey before, while out hunting or scouting, but says that the farm has a history of producing big turkeys, with a previous harvest of 27 pounds.

“It was a picture perfect morning that every turkey hunter wants,” says Guess, who described a beautiful day with clear skies for the hunt. Guess knew where some turkeys were roosting and set up to hunt them as they flew down early in the morning.

New World Record Turkey
Image courtsey of Cody Guess


Guess says that the new world record turkey flew off the roost and down to the bottom of a hill that he had set up on, and thanks to some help from a diaphragm call from Dead End Game Calls, he was able to call the monster bird up the ridge and right back to him.

Guess had his Stoeger M2000 ready when the gobbler headed his way but said that the turkey was at eight yards before he finally pulled the trigger. “A textbook hunt,” as Guess described it.

Guess, who is currently 22 years old, says he has been hunting with his mom since he was three and that he killed his first deer and turkey at age five. But even with such early success, he has learned some of the key aspects of hunting.

“If you want to harvest something like this you have to put in the work,” Guess says when asked if he has any advice for other turkey hunters. “Hard work pays off. Patience and dedication is the key.”

Guess said that it was an “overwhelming feeling” when the NWTF confirmed the new world record turkey but was very thankful for the honor, saying “The good Lord blessed me.”

Guess is getting the new world record turkey mounted, but is also moving on with his hunting season, saying “I still have one more tag in my pocket.” He says he has already been back in the woods a few times and plans to hunt the rest of the season, at least until he fills his other tag.

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EXCLUSIVE: Cody Guess Opens Up About the New World Record Turkey in Kentucky