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Exclusive Interview With Troy Landry Of Swamp People [VIDEO]

It's the second day of SHOT Show 2014 in Las Vegas and Troy Landry from the hit TV show Swamp People is in high spirits.

"We good in da hood!" he says in his thick Cajun accent.

Troy Landry, the gator hunting star of "Swamp People," is attending SHOT Show for public appearances with CCI Ammunition and Wildgame Innvoations, and the once-a-year opportunity to network with outdoorsmen from around the world. We caught up with Landry to talk about his experiences filming "Swamp People" and his lifetime as an outdoorsman in the swamps of southern Louisiana.

He's a rock star around the Sands Convention Center. People come up to him nearly everywhere we walk saying hi, shaking his hand, and stopping him to share a hunting story and a laugh. Throughout the year, Landry does 230 public appearances at trade shows, store openings and private parties. "Swamp People" is wildly popular not only in the US but around the world. He tells me that people in Australia go crazy for the show, that millions watch it in India, and that he's met lots of Europeans at SHOT Show who are avid fans.

Landry's undeniable charisma and lifetime of experience hunting and fishing the swamps of south Louisiana is a huge part of what makes his character so popular on "Swamp People." Landry knows every corner of the swamps he hunts, and all the tricks to commercial alligator hunting and crawfishing.

"I've got a lot of stories from the swamp. I should write a book about it!" Landry said. "Maybe one day I will." We certainly hope he does. But in the meantime Landry shared some of his experiences with us on camera, talking about hunting and fishing. as well as the impact "Swamp People" has had on his community and outdoorsmen culture around the world.

When he's not hunting alligators, Landry runs a successful commercial seafood fishing business. He started it in 1992, and built it up to an operation that now pulls in around 5,000,000-6,000,000 pounds of crawfish a year. Landry said the one-month alligator season can sometimes be more lucrative than a year's worth of crawfishing.

"Sometimes I'd make more money in 30 days of alligator fishing on a good year than I would doing nine months of crawfishing," said Landry. "Now with "Swamp People," the show's been good for us, and we're making a lot of money doing other stuff."

Landry also told us about his "buku" invitations to go on hunting trips with notable outdoorsmen personalities, as well as the strange happenings in the swamps and the types of firearms he uses in the field. Here's the rest of our interview. 

Between "Swamp People," hundreds of public appearances a year, product endorsements and a successful seafood business, Troy Landry is a busy man. When I asked him if he planned to slow down anytime soon, he laughed.

"Oh no, I'm not ready to slow down yet!"

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Exclusive Interview With Troy Landry Of Swamp People [VIDEO]