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Exclusive Interview: Troy Diede Talks Baits and Faith for the Upcoming Bassmaster Classic

Facebook/Troy Diede

Troy Diede is on his way to getting things done at the Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell, South Carolina. 

If you aren’t familiar with Troy Diede, then maybe it’s time you study some magazines and internet message boards. Diede has been making waves in professional bass fishing even before punching his ticket to the Classic by winning the Northern Divisional in the 2014 Old Milwaukee B.A.S.S. Nation Championship (BNC).

Facebook/Troy Diede

We were able to catch up with Diede and pick his brain a little about what he has planned as he makes his first Bassmaster Classic appearance.

BRAD SMITH: First off, congratulations on making the Classic. That is such an amazing accomplishment. However, here’s the real question; how are you going to go out there and get it done on day one? What baits do you think will be first in the water? 

TROY DIEDE: Down there, a crank bait is a great search bait. I’ll be able to cover water real fast and eliminate some areas pretty quickly. I was down there in December and picked out a few areas where I’ll be able to slow down and really pick them apart.

On my first practice day, I’ll go right back to those areas and see what kind of fish are still there. If it happens that I don’t get anything on the first day, I’ll just take a step back and reevaluate. Taking a look at past history on the lake will also play a part.

So when you are out there trying to figure out the lake and what the fish are moving on, how long would you give a specific bait or pattern before trying something else? 

From my experience, I’ve found that there are certain circumstances where you can go out there and throw a crank bait until your arms fall off, but if you are not in the right area, casting at the right angles, bouncing it off the right structure, you just aren’t going to catch anything.

If you haven’t changed it up enough and found that area, you aren’t wasting time, you are just eliminating water and fishing scenarios that aren’t currently working. I wouldn’t completely put a certain bait away. You just have to keep an eye out for the right scenario for that specific presentation.

Facebook/Troy Diede

What do you think gives you an edge on Lake Hartwell?   

For me, my faith in the Lord is a big player. That truly is what has got me to where I am today. I know this opportunity wouldn’t have happened without my faith. It keeps me motivated and keeps me going. Every fisherman faces a time on the water when the bites aren’t coming. You get frustrated and a negative attitude starts creeping in.

My faith lets me keep grinding it out and staying positive even when things aren’t necessarily going my way. For me, this isn’t about the money or the trophy; it’s about what God can do in your life when you sit back and let him do the work.

You can find Troy on Facebook and Twitter, as well and going to his personal page- Fishing and Faith with Troy. As the second fisherman to make the Classic hailing from the plains of South Dakota, we have a feeling Troy is going to make his home state proud come late February.

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Exclusive Interview: Troy Diede Talks Baits and Faith for the Upcoming Bassmaster Classic