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Exclusive Interview: Survival Expert Creek Stewart on His Television Show and Apocabox [VIDEO]

Creek Stewart

“Surviving is easy, just don’t die!” -Creek Stewart

Creek Stewart is very well-known in the wilderness survival and preparedness world. When he isn’t leading classes at his survival school, Willow Haven, he is writing new survival books, filming for his new television show “Fat Guys in the Woods,” coming up with new items for Apocabox, or doing anything else he can to help teach others the survival mindset.

I recently got the chance to do an interview with Creek who has been a long-time inspiration in my life for making a living and enjoying the outdoors as my career someday. If anyone knows what it takes to turn a love for the outdoors into a paying profession it’s him.

“Fat Guys in the Woods”

I started off by congratulating him on his success with his show “Fat Guys in the Woods,” now in its second season. In the show, Creek takes three guys struggling with weight and other issues into the wilderness with a few items to survive for the week.

This helps show them how far they can really push themselves in not just survival situations, but life as well.

He has been approached numerous times by various production companies, but nothing he wanted to put his reputation on the line for. He said “Fat Guys in the Woods” was the first pitch that he believed in.

“I wanted something that was more than survival, but not a drama train wreck. The show is survival, plus something deeper.”

Some of Creek’s favorite, and most raw, moments come while filming when the guys get hungry.

“They are very much about the looks and taste of food, so my favorite moments are when they are shown the wilderness version of a meal. It’s just their reactions and how they work through it,” laughed Creek, thinking about the various plants they try.


When trapping and killing animals comes into play things take a different tone though.

“For a lot of these guys this is not only their first time seeing something go from the field to the table, but their first time being with an animal. This is the first time they connect the dots really about where it all [their food] comes from.”

This has caused some of the guys on the show to make drastic life changes, including one becoming a vegetarian. It also makes them realize how much food they eat, and how much they let go to waste.


Another very successful venture Creek has moved into is the box subscription industry. Apocabox, which I subscribe to as well, is a subscription service that sends you new survival gear to try every other month.

For around $60 per box you get well over $100 worth of items that Creek personally tries and assembles.

His subscription service started with a few hundred subscribers and has grown to over 1,500 since it started last August.

“I put a lot of effort trying to come up with new and innovative products to include in those boxes. It’s not an easy task to continually have fresh stuff in the pipeline. I love having to come up with a new box every other month though.”

Creek spends countless hours every month contacting vendors and making deals for the items included in the boxes. He is always open to suggestions and loves hearing ideas from his subscribers about possible future items.

“I’m in a constant pickle because I want great products, but I have to have them at a good price in order to meet the margins I need and give you guys a value where you spend $50 and there is a box valued at around $100. As I’m getting more subscribers I am getting more purchasing and negotiating power though.”


Creek Stewart is a great person that I enjoyed talking with. If you are looking into learning anything about wilderness survival or being more prepared I highly recommend you check out his videos, grab one of his books, or maybe even make a trip to his survival school.

To learn more about Creek, check out his website or follow him on Facebook. You can catch his show “Fat Guys in the Woods” on Sundays at 9 p.m. on the Weather Channel.

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Exclusive Interview: Survival Expert Creek Stewart on His Television Show and Apocabox [VIDEO]