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Exclusive Interview: Chris Brackett Arrows His Biggest Buck Yet in Saskatchewan [PICS]

Facebook/Safari's North Outfitters

Chris Brackett, host of Fear No Evil, shoots his biggest buck with a bow to date and we got a chance to gather all the details. 

The 2015 deer season is shaping up to be successful for many hunters. Tiffany Lakosky arrowed her biggest buck to date earlier in the season, but now it was Chris Brackett’s turn.

I had a chance to catch up with Brackett over the phone while he was on the way to the airport to gather some details about his most recent successful hunt. After a long and mentally challenging eight-day hunt, he managed to harvest the largest buck he’s ever hunted.

Brackett was hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada, and for reference, here’s what he posted about the hunt on Facebook, “Ok here he is after 8 days of all day sits and east winds we finally struck on this booner named the midnight Ryder … It was one of the best hunts of my life big thanks to randy at Safari’s North Outfitters it’s been a rough 8 days but he finally showed. Merked him at 20 yards straight down wind”

Chris Brackrett
Facebook/ Fear No Evil

However, I wanted some more details about the milestone hunt, and thankfully Chris Brackett was generously kind enough to share his time and information.

Brackett was hunting Safari’s North Outfitters in the deep woods of Saskatchewan, an outfitter that usually is primarily focused on rifle hunting, but Brackett was a guinea pig to try bowhunting in the earlier part of the season. After a lot of hard hunting, it worked.

The 8 Day Grind

The hunt was not full of fireworks, but Brackett had to truly grind it out for his shot at the big buck. Brackett said this hunt was more “mental than physical.”

Sitting eight to 12 hours per day from dark to dark, hardly moving a muscle, all while holding his bow took vast amounts of focus and mental toughness. There was little to no wind while hunting in the frigid 30 degree weather, allowing for sound to travel extremely easily. One little click or ting could spook mature whitetails.

midnight ryder
Facebook/ Fear No Evil

Brackett stated he “was able to see the early stages of the pre-rut to kick in and it was only a matter of time until a mature Canadian giant would show itself.”

The Fear No Evil team finally saw their first 130″ buck when headed out to a clover field and created a scrape on the edge of it. After seeing this younger buck assert dominance over the area with giants in the vicinity, Brackett felt a bloody arrow could occur anytime within the next 48 hours.

Sure enough, he finally connected with a massive Saskatchewan buck with 17 scoreable points.

Safaris north outfitters buck
Facebook/Safari’s North Outfitters

Although he’s stated he isn’t too concerned of the score of mature whitetails, the buck is predicted to measure up in the high 170s to low 180-inch range. It’s a true buck of a lifetime.

Brackett said the hunt boiled down to “how still can you sit for how many hours and stay undetected.”

Haters Soon Follow

Shortly after posting on Facebook about the buck, haters and naysayers followed. Unfortunately, this is something pretty common among fellow hunters, and can’t take place if we’re trying to foster a greater community of hunters.


facebook hater comments
Facebook/ Fear No Evil

Brackett asked this rhetorical question in response: “Can everyone really shoot big bucks?” Essentially, it comes down to personal sacrifice and the ability to be mentally tough. Make it happen. Save your money for that dream hunt or prepare your hunting spots and stay out of the area until the time is right.

Those helpful hints can allow for future success in the stand.

Hunters should be challenged to stop attempting to shoot down the success of other hunters, and instead congratulate them for hunting hard and allowing for a plan to come together.

Final Remarks

I asked Chris Brackett what his next move was for the season, and he said he’s headed back to his home state of Illinois. He plans on hunting some of his properties that have hardly been touched so far this year, all thanks to his strategic methods.

“I’m going to be hunting on one of the three leases I have, and I’ve only hunted one stand three times. The deer probably think I’m on vacation,” Brackett joked.

He predicts he’ll have a “giant dead by Thursday, maybe [the next] evening.”

We will have to see how the rest of Brackett’s season shapes up, but at this pace it’ll be an all time great. I’d like to thank Brackett for kindly sharing his time and wish him the best of luck for the rest of the season.

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Exclusive Interview: Chris Brackett Arrows His Biggest Buck Yet in Saskatchewan [PICS]