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Exclusive Interview: BASS Elite Series Rookie Brandon Coulter

Images via Brandon Coulter

Get to know the newest BASS Elites series fisherman, Brandon Coulter. 

Brandon Coulter is brand new to the BASS Elite Series, but that does not mean he is a rookie to professional fishing at the highest level. For the past eight years, Coulter has been a mainstay on the FLW tour with five top 10 finishes and over 70 total events fished. Now, in his first season fishing the Elite Series, Coulter is looking to take names just as he did with the FLW.

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Coulter is looking to fish his first BASS Elite tournament on the Sabine River in Texas on March 19th to the 22nd. However, before that, Coulter was able spend a few minutes and talk with Wide Open Spaces about how he got to this point in his career, as well as a few things he has learned along the way.



Seeing as Coulter has been in the FLW for the past eight seasons, we were awfully curious as to why, at age 44, he decided to make the switch.

“This year things didn’t line up like they have in years past. Before, we had 15 or 16 guys fish both forms, but this year there are only two guys that I know of that are fishing both,” Coulter said. “However, as far as BASS vs FLW, it’s not something that I tried to do. I certainly never looked at the FLW as a stepping stone. For me, the timing just had to be right to go to BASS. I had fished events in the past but never really focused on trying to qualify. This year we just kind of looked at it and thought now was time because I’m not getting any younger,” Coulter laughed. “Now, I kind of messed up and made it, so you have to commit, right?”

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Coulter has been around a while in professional fishing, and is already a veteran by most angler’s standards. There had to have been some high points along his journey to qualifying for the Elite Series.

“The last couple times FLW has come to Tennessee, I’ve made the top five in both of those,” said Coulter. “Being in the top five on the final day with a chance to win on your home lake is pretty cool.”

Coulter is switching from one tournament series with one set of rules to another tournament series with another set of rules. Preparation might be a little bit different this season than he has fished in season’s past as well.

“Well you know, in my whole career, I might be top 10 one week, or top 20, but then the next week I might go to 110. I’ve always been a guy that just fishes on a spur and never really aimed for consistency,” said Coulter. “I’ve always done whatever I could to catch as many fish as I could and not really going for batting average. In the Elite Series, that’s just not a formula that will work. Starting last year, I really went through a change to focus on more consistency. I hope that is a pattern that will continue.”

All fisherman hit the water with goals in mind. It could be the first fish, biggest fish, most fish, etc. However, goals are a little different on the Elite Series. In Coulter’s first year, he has some serious ones of his own.

“I want to make the Angler of the Year tournament. One, it’s a really good payday, and that makes momma happy,” laughed Coulter. “Two, you’re in the top 50 and you can go to that tournament and make the Classic. If I’m already locked into the Classic by then, even better, but the caliber of fishermen there is excellent. I want to be right there with them.”

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For a first time Elite Series rookie, making the Classic would be a pretty rare feat. However, it has been done before. For Coulter to accomplish this task would be lifelong dream coming to fruition.

“You know, I’m a little bit different. I think most guys dream about winning the Classic, but I’ve always dreamed about driving into that stadium in the boat. That to me would make it,” Coulter said, and then paused. “This year’s Classic was my first one. I had never been to one before and I didn’t go to any weigh-ins. The first time I see it, I want it to be from the seat of my boat.”

Brandon Coulter will be fishing his first BASS Elite Series event March 19th to the 22nd. Time will tell if he makes the Classic and gets to enter the stadium from his seat of his boat like he said, but if he doesn’t, he will still be living his dream every day out there on the water.

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Exclusive Interview: BASS Elite Series Rookie Brandon Coulter