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Exclusive: Brandon Lester Talks Key Strategies for the Bassmaster Classic

Images via Brandon Lester

Brandon Lester is looking for a win at his first Bassmaster Classic appearance.

Brandon Lester is quickly raising to the top of the professional bass fishing world. Qualifying for the Classic, with 2014 being his rookie year on the Bassmaster Elite series, is no small feat.

Now, Lester gets the chance to prove to the bass fishing industry exactly what he can do when it’s all on the line at Lake Hartwell, South Carolina for the 2015 Bassmaster Classic.

We got a chance to catch up with Lester, as he is preparing for the Classic, to get his thoughts on whats it like to be fishing on the grandest stage of all.

WIDE OPEN SPACES: How is preparing for your first Bassmaster Classic compare to the other tournaments you have fished in your career? 

BRANDON LESTER: “You know, I have thought about that a lot. As thankful as I am to be going to the Bassmaster Classic, this is a tournament where you just don’t want to show up and just be thankful to be there. I’m going there to win. This is a tournament where you have just got to swing for the fence. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but nobody remembers the second place guy. You have got to lay it all the line. With that being said, I’m going to put everything I got into it. I can promise you that.”

Brandon Lester

As you come into the Classic, has there been a specific lure or presentation that you can attribute to getting you to this stage during your 2014 season?  

“Definitely being able to finesse fish when you need too. Finesse fishing rarely wins tournaments, but it is a major factor when it comes down to putting fish in the boat. For instance, the tournament this year on the Delaware River; it was such a tough bite for everybody. It’s not my favorite way to fish, but if it weren’t for a drop shot and shakey head, I probably wouldn’t even be on the Bassmaster Elite Series. It’s just something you have to be able to do because a lot of the places we go, a shakey head worm has got me out of a lot of sticky situations.”

What kind of mindset do you have to have to fish a tournament like this?  

“Well I think my mental state of mind, when I go into any tournament, is to always stay on the positive side. I simply don’t let the small stuff get to me. I’m not saying I’ve never had a meltdown, but I try to keep the mindset of whatever will be, will be. If I go into it and give it my 100% effort, that’s all I can do.”

With two top 10 appearances and seven total times placing in money during the 2014 Elite Series, Lester looks to crown off a spectacular year with a top finish on Lake Hartwell. When watching the Bassmaster Classic next month, be sure to look for Lester in his Mudhole Custom Tackle gear and boat. Hopefully for Lester, he will be crushing bass, even if he has to resort to finesse fishing.

You can find Brandon on his Facebook pageTwitter, and his YouTube page.

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Exclusive: Brandon Lester Talks Key Strategies for the Bassmaster Classic