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See Eva Shockey’s Wedding Unfold on Instagram [PICS]

Eva Shockey
All photos via Instagram/Eva Shockey

It was a June wedding for Eva Shockey!

When news of the engagement between America’s favorite huntress Eva Shockey and hockey player Tim Brent came down, you could here a collective sigh of sadness coming from just about every single outdoorsman in the woods.

Kidding aside, we’re thrilled for Eva (and especially for Tim), and the wedding held Saturday, June 20 at the Shockey’s family land in Canada.

Check the lovely Instagram pics of Eva with her new husband, bridesmaids, and dad, Jim Shockey.

The bride provided the moose meat for the wedding dinner! She hunted the moose last fall in the Yukon.

Tim’s custom bowtie and pocket square courtesy of Under Armour Hunt. Gotta love the camo!

Eva and Jim’s father-daughter dance.

The obligatory trophy room bride photo.

Congratulations, Eva! What about the honeymoon?

Oh, right.

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See Eva Shockey’s Wedding Unfold on Instagram [PICS]