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Excellent Glow-Colored Jig Tip You Need to Know [VIDEO]

Do you known when you should use glow-colored jigs ice fishing? This video from Clam lends a tip all fisherman should know about glow-colored jigs. 

Glow-colored jigs, also known as fluorescent jigs, help to attract fish using their amplified light and tantalizing colors.

Jason Durham from Clam speaks about the proper times to use these jigs and attract tons of fish.


A glow-colored jig can be effective during the brightest parts of the day, as the ambit light in the water is still relatively dark. The large amount of snow on top of the ice provides a shade from the sun, making any glow-colored jig visible to fish nearby.

All you need is a source to charge the jig, and there are many options like the sun or your smart phone. Then simply drop the fluorescent jig in the water for superior fish attraction.


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Excellent Glow-Colored Jig Tip You Need to Know [VIDEO]