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What Exactly Is a Chicago Palm Protector Anyway? [VIDEO]

The Chicago Palm Protector Pistol is a fist full of pistol.

This odd double-action turret revolver is fired while grasped in the palm.

The barrel is the only thing that sticks out between the shooter's fingers.

This very discreet palm pistol from the late 1800s was invented by a French man.

"The Protector" was then made by Ames Sword Company and marketed eventually by the Chicago Firearms Company. These double-action turret revolvers were made in .22, .32 and .41 calibers.

By squeezing this odd pistol, it fires. This little defensive pistol was just the thing for a fist full of protection over a century ago. Easy to conceal and fitting in a coat pocket made it a great choice for close-up protection at the poker table.

While the "Protector" pistols were not made for accuracy or heavy hitting cartridges, it made up for in stealth.


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What Exactly Is a Chicago Palm Protector Anyway? [VIDEO]