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Henry Repeating Arms Releases Frontier Carbine Edition of Evil Roy Rifle

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The “Evil Roy” Rimfire Rifle is Henry’s new mid-sized .22 caliber lever action.

If you aren’t familiar with the Henry Repeating Arms Company of Bayonne, New Jersey you have overlooked a shooting company with traditional American values and investments in the American worker. Henry’s motto is “Made in America or not made at all”. All of Henry’s rifles are assembled from parts and wood from various parts of the United States. No imported parts or products are even considered.

The new Evil Roy Rimfire Rifle is certainly no exception to the rule.

Henry rifles have the support of unbeatable customer service and a no questions asked warranty. In fact Anthony Imperato, the President of the company answers most emails personally on a daily basis.

Henry has a stellar reputation for reliable, accurate, smooth operating and handsome rifles. The newest addition to the Henry line-up is no exception. Henry collaborated with Gene Pearcey, aka “Evil Roy” to create the Frontier Carbine Evil Roy Edition. Gene is an Overall World and National Cowboy Action Champion and Hall of Fame member. Gene wanted a “great looking, short, accurate .22” to meet his personal needs. Henry delivered with this little gem.

Featuring a 16.5 inch octagon barrel with adjustable, dovetailed sights on an action with a silver finish and a large loop lever, this is one handsome rifle. The American walnut stock is an intermediate length of 13 inches, making it suitable for adults and most youths as well. The stock is capped with a black plastic butt-plate that bears the Henry logo. Also, on the right side of the stock near the back an “Evil Roy” quasi-signature is laser etched into the stock. The action is grooved for scope mounting and the rifle weighs 5.5 pounds overall. A silver colored barrel band is the finishing touch to the rifle. The legendary smooth action, crisp trigger pull and inherent accuracy Henry stakes its reputation on are built into every one of the “Evil Roy” rifles. The tubular magazine holds 12 cartridges of .22 Long Rifle caliber, or 16 cartridges of .22 Short caliber.

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Another slogan trademarked by Henry is “Load on Sunday, shoot all week long”. While that is one cool slogan, I must say the ammunition just doesn’t last that long. The buttery smooth lever action, light and crisp trigger, low noise and lack of recoil make the Evil Roy rimfire rifle too much fun not to keep on shooting. It is fairly easy for a person with average skills to go through the 12 rounds of Long Rifle in the magazine in as many seconds. At 25 yards, sub minute of angle accuracy can be achieved. Besides plinking and target shooting, this carbine is a pleasure to carry in the woods.

Pests and small game – beware!

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Henry Repeating Arms Releases Frontier Carbine Edition of Evil Roy Rifle