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Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About German Gun Laws

about German gun laws
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At one point or another, many of you have wondered about German gun laws, luckily for you we finally have some easy to understand answers.

Our favorite German weapon enthusiast Jörg Sprave recently decided to take a few minutes to sit down and share some of the details about German gun laws, and what he has to say will probably surprise some of you.

As much as we think about Germany being super strict with their weapons, it may not actually be as restrictive as one might believe.

There you have it…everything you’ve ever wanted to know about German gun laws summed up in a nice little video.

Now obviously if you live in Germany or are thinking about going there to buy a weapon, you may need a few more details but for the causal gun lover this should be enough information to keep you well informed for your next shooting event.

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Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About German Gun Laws