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Everything You Wanted to Know About the Rock Island 1911 [VIDEO]

This 1911 model demonstrates what GI troops would have likely trained with in the Army or Marine Corps during WWII.

The RI 1911 is made of the basic 1911 steel construction. No use of lightweight materials were utilized on this particular platform. Check out this detailed review of the Rock Island 1911.

The basic GI Standard is covered under this model at the price point of $540. The GI comes with fixed iron sights and basic wood grips. Standard 8 round magazine capacity. Shown is the 45acp traditional caliber. Ballistics are in the range of 300-600 ft/lb of muzzle energy and travel at a rate of about 800-1100 fps (feet per second).

The grip of the Rock Island GI comes with standard wood grips. No front strap checkering or serrations are present. The rear beaver tail grip is also smooth with no serrations. The magazine release button is a standard circular button with a light checkered pattern.

Given that the GI model is a solid steel frame and slide, the weight is a little heavy. Weighing in at 2.47 lbs unloaded and 2.84 lbs loaded. This model does not include a skeletonized trigger or hammer. The standard thumb safety lever is the short version (extended is preferred). No ambidextrous safety lever is offered either. The frame of the GI model does not offer an accessory rail.

This pistol is great to practice and learn on. Considering that there are no features that could go unused by a first time shooter this is a fair entry level pistol.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About the Rock Island 1911 [VIDEO]