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Everything You Wanted to Know About the HK USP [VIDEO]

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The HK USP is the German equivalent of a contemporary 1911 handgun.

The HK USP is the German contemporary design to the American 1911 pistol.

The 1911 is precise, accurate, rugged, and has withstood the test of time. However, the 1911 is heavy, and can be picky with the ammo it fires.

The German company Heckler & Koch (commonly known as HK), shadowed the 1911 platform by adding some contemporary features that HK believed should be the embodiment of an everyday tactical pistol.

Controllable double and single action triggers are featured for shooters who want them. Multiple calibers are also offered in the same platform.

The USP earned its name by being able to fire any brand of ammunition that was the appropriate caliber.The USP stands for universal self loading pistol and it definitely does self load with ease. You can fill your box mags with different brands of ammunition and the USP will fire them.

If your pistol is chambered in 9mm and you mix your 9mm ammo brands, you can be confident that you’re going to be able to fire your weapon as changing gas pressures don’t seem to phase the onboard recoil management system on the guide rod.

Some special consideration should be taken when choosing the HK USP. The gun has features such as a lightweight polymer frame, which reduces weight in the pistol. Polymer frames are also utilized to reduce friction and mitigate stress points during the cycle of operation.

One feature that may or may not be for you is the thumb safety. The thumb safety in the USP offers three different selector modes: fire, safe, and decocking. The first two are obvious, as they allow the weapon to fire or not, however the third mode is something unique to the USP.

The decocking feature allows the hammer to be released forward and not strike the firing pin. Why is a decocking lever relevant? For some shooters they might want or need the pistol to be able to return to the “hammer down” position so that the trigger is not so easily pulled.

When the hammer falls and a round is in the chamber, then the weapon has returned to the double action mode of fire.

The second item to consider is that the HK USP has its own proprietary accessory rail. The owner of the pistol would need to purchase an adaptor to allow non HK accessories to be attached to the rail under the barrel so that the accessory can fit appropriately and not fall under heavy use.

Concealed carry is difficult as the USP is rather thick and has a full sized frame with a double stack magazine well. This weapon can be great as a strong offensive tool. The USP is a solid contender for forward operations and has proven itself with surrounding militaries. There are definitely better options if your looking at this pistol as a concealable pistol, in my opinion.

Stay vigilant.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About the HK USP [VIDEO]