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Everything You Wanted to Know About the Colt Anaconda [VIDEO]

The Colt Anaconda is quite the gun. 

.44 Magnum, 1200- to 1650-foot pounds of energy, 1300-1500 feet per second, 340 grains of hot lead screaming towards the target. The Colt Anaconda is a hunter’s dream.

It is a revolver that can deliver rifle muzzle energy equal to that of some tactical rifles. Anacondas come with six-round cylinders and are also available in .44 Special and .454 Casull.

The Anaconda would be the type of pistol that you could depend on in the deepest backcountry where large game would be a dangerous threat.

Rifle power in a revolver platform; .44 Magnum power to take down large game with minimal effort; six round capacity of 300 gr projectiles; three-pound trigger pull. What a beautiful gun.

The Colt Anaconda is no longer in circulation, thus driving up the demand for these revolvers. The Anaconda can be found for about$2,000-3,000 and the price will likely be more as time goes on, much like the Colt Python (which is going for as high as $10,000 on today’s market).

It doesn’t seem likely that Colt will produce these large caliber revolvers again, but you never know with Colt.

Recoil on the Anaconda will likely be full-bodied, however given the stainless steel construction and minimal moving parts, the frame can buffer some of that blowback. The steel construction will weigh in at a beefy 53 ounces (3.3 pounds). The weight would not be an issue for short treks on foot, but if you’re going for three-plus miles, I would consider a much lighter Glock 20.

The sights installed on the Anaconda are a traditional orange front sight post and an adjustable rear iron sight. You can always upgrade to a fiber optic system so the sights can become dramatically brighter. The brighter sights would be advantageous if you’re trying to take aim at your targets in dusk lighting.

Shooters, this is a great hunting gun. If you’re ready to take down some serious game, this revolver is for you. The price tag and frame are heavy but the muzzle velocity is definitely worth the weight.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About the Colt Anaconda [VIDEO]