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Everything You Want To Know About The Walther PPK

Walther Arms 

Here is all the Walther PPK info you’ll need.

Originally created in 1931 by German arms-maker Carl Walther, the Walther PPK was a pistol with a shorter grip, barrel and magazine capacity over the larger PP model, which debuted two years earlier. This was so the pistol could be more concealable for plainly clothed police officers.

It was used throughout World War II and after the war, production moved to western Germany where it is currently produced.


We can thank James Bond for making the Walther PPK really famous. The acclaimed films and novels featured the gun in many scenes, and 007 himself chose it over plenty of other options. Author Ian Fleming’s decision to include it as his secret agent’s go-to pistol significantly helped its popularity level and prestige.

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In 2002, America’s Smith & Wesson started manufacturing the PPK under license, and Walther has since made it clear that the only outlet for new PPK-style pistols is Smith & Wesson.


The Walther PPK is a great pistol design. Precision engineering helps produce the iconic handgun, and its distinct and elegant lines give it a unique level of sophistication.

With a magazine capacity of six or seven rounds, it will equal or exceed that of a revolver. The pistol weight without the magazine is under 21 ounces. The length is 6.1″ long, and the width is 3.8″.

A relatively heavy trigger weight is both good and bad, depending on who’s using it and for what means they’re using it for. Precision target shooting can have an enemy in heavy triggers, but as far as a carry weapon goes, it’s good to know you’ve got to be certain you’re intending to pull the trigger and fire a round.

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This pistol is truly concealable, perfect for a larger pocket in a pair of pants or a coat pocket. The safety also acts as a de-cocker and the pistol can be fired double action-with the pull of the trigger. Or a lighter weight trigger pull at single action-cocking the hammer and then pulling the trigger. Accuracy reviews show it is at the top of its class.


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Smith and Wesson manufactured a PPK pistol before it had a safety recall due to a malfunction with the de-cocker. Other manufacturers, such as Interarms, have made clones of the PPK. The Walther is still quite popular as a target pistol, for home defense and as a concealable pistol for daily carry.

Different models are available in both stainless steel and blue finishes, with .380 ACP being the typical caliber. The Walther PPK/S in .22 long rifle was introduced in 2013, and

Field stripping and general maintenance is pretty simple, and the accuracy and reliability of the gun is at a very high level. The price is generally affordable as far as iconic pistols go, and it’s a great handgun to have for a multitude of purposes.

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This pistol is known to get the job done and look classy doing so. Be your own 007 and get a Walther PPK, and maybe a finely tailored suit while you are at it.

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Everything You Want To Know About The Walther PPK