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Everything You Want to Know About the S&W Bodyguard 380


The S&W Bodyguard 380 has plenty of factors that make it great, and a few that work against that notion.

This gun is made for one thing, concealed carry. It’s tiny and lightweight build is perfect for hiding, but we are all different, and different people like different guns.

Here are a few pros and cons about the S&W Bodyguard 380 that might help you make a decision to buy, or not to buy.

First, the Pros

As stated before, it is tiny, and absolutely perfect for concealment. You can tuck this baby away somewhere and no one will ever know you are packing.


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Another pro would be the price. Spending around $400 for a handgun, especially for a brand like S&W, shouldn’t ruffle to many feathers for anyone.


Now the Cons

I’ve shot the S&W Bodyguard 380 and I can tell you that I was shocked at how long of a trigger pull this gun has. I’ve shot many different handguns in my day, and this gun was by far the most difficult because of the long trigger pull.

This gun isn’t made for long range distances and accuracy, but the long trigger pull was something I couldn’t shake. It bothered me enough to look for another gun that shot easier. If a long trigger pull is something that you don’t like about guns, please keep that in mind if your thinking about purchasing the S&W Bodyguard 380.


When shooting handguns that have a lightweight frame, a strong recoil can be expected, but I’ve shot other .380’s equal in stature with a much comfier shot. If you ever had to draw your weapon and fire in a dangerous situation, I can guarantee you that the recoil of a .380 won’t bother you and you won’t even remember it. But comparing the Bodyguard to other .380’s, I’m chalking it up as a con.

General information

The gun’s capacity is 6+1. You can purchase the Bodyguard with, or without a laser, and it has a 2.75″ stainless-steel barrel, and overall length is 5.25″ long

It weighs 11.85 ounces… and best of all, it’s made in the USA.

Want to hear what owners of the S&W Bodyguard 380 think? Check out these reviews:

I bought this little gun 3-4 years ago, I have put many rounds through it at the range, and it performed flawlessly. The recoil is there, but its controllable, and the laser, although a great feature, does not work in sunlight(how many do) but its great in low light situations, but I must admit, its awkward to turn on and off, because of the position of the button. But, its just little gripes, nothing is perfect, but this little 380 is pretty near perfect for me, because its the one I carry all the time, especially in the summer months. I may carry a bigger 9 or 40 in the winter months, because I can better conceal with a jacket, etc. I carry the 380 in many different ways, in many IWB holsters I have for it, and in pocket alot of the time(in a good pocket holster). Great little 380. For a light, great conceal gun, you cant go wrong. I really recommend it.

Trigger pull is excessively long and heavy, significantly affecting accuracy. The laser is difficult to activate. I had to send mine back to S&W twice before the buttons would consistently activate the laser. Now I can turn the laser on, but after a few shots it shuts off due to the harsh recoil causing the batteries to shift, and I have to tap the side of the gun to get the batteries to connect properly again. There will be no time for that in an emergency situation. A laser you can’t trust or easily activate is worse than no laser at all. Why pay extra for features that don’t work?? The ONLY good aspect of this gun is its size. Get a Taurus or Ruger.

This Bodyguard .380 surprised me actually. I never thought I’d like any .380 as much as I do this one. The recoil, while stout, is certainly manageable, the DOA trigger pull is long but tolerable, and the laser, while a neat idea, doesn’t work that well, being that its hard to depress and won’t show up on the range if there is a trace of sun. That out of the way, the gun fits extraordinarily well in my hand for a pocket pistol, its highly concealable, very accurate, and I love the double strike capability. I absolutely trust & recommend this gun.

If your looking for small, lightweight, and easy to carry, the Bodyguard is definitely a contender. I would recommend going to a range and shooting it yourself, then test out a few different models so that you can make some comparisons.

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Everything You Want to Know About the S&W Bodyguard 380