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Ruger LCP: The Good and the Bad


Consider this information about the Ruger LCP before choosing your next conceal carry weapon.

Here is all you need to know about the Ruger LCP, the good and the bad.

Perfect for concealed carry

This small pistol is just over 5” long and 3.6” high making it perfect for front pocket concealment when paired with the DeSantis Nemesis holster. This is exactly what you need for protection from any close range threat.

Easy to shoot

Chambered in .380 acp, the Ruger LCP throws a lot of punch with relatively low recoil. The easy-to-pull back slide is great for both men and women alike.

With a width of under .82”, it’s very easy to wrap your hands around.

Some say the Ruger LCP is too small for their hands and that the pinky doesn’t fit on the grip. The purpose of this pistol is self-defense, not comfort during an extended day at the range. That’s what your 9mm or .45 is for.

This pistol is to conceal with minimum weight and discomfort. If stuff hits the fan, you’re not going to care about how it feels in your hand.

Some also complain about the small sights in this handgun. Attach a laser or buy one with it. It’ll solve the small sight problem and you’ll end up wanting a bigger one anyway.

Unfortunately there is no safety- there’s no way around this one.

So if you are looking at buying the Ruger LCP, there are some good aspects and bad. But as a concealed carry, it is a good choice and most the complaints are easily fixable.

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Ruger LCP: The Good and the Bad