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Everything You Want to Know About Barnett Crossbows


Barnett crossbows give anyone just what they need in a crossbow: performance, comfort and efficiency, all at a price you can afford.

Barnett crossbows are considered one of the best crossbows around and there's a reason for that. With over one million crossbows sold since the company's start over 50 years ago, Barnett has become the world's number one manufacturer of crossbows.

It's no wonder why. Barnett crossbows feature the newest and best technologies with top of the line materials to give you the best performance you could want. Each crossbow is designed for hunters by hunters and Barnett is constantly adding new innovations to keep on top of the growing technologies available.

Barnett Crossbow Features and Innovations

Anti Dry Fire Trigger

Many Barnett crossbows feature the anti dry fire trigger, a safety mechanism to ensure both the shooter's safety and an accurate shot every time. The trigger is designed so it can't be pulled if the arrow is missing or the bolt isn't placed properly.



Carbonlite Carbon Riser

Barnett crossbows feature a Carbonlite carbon riser, which reduces front end weight by up to 43 percent. This shifts the balance point of the crossbow to the shooter's shoulder, making it easier to handle and increases safety and accuracy.

Shoot Thru Riser

Many Barnett crossbows have a shoot thru riser. This leads to a longer power stroke and faster bolt speeds.

Metal Injected Mold Trigger

Barnett crossbows feature a trigger specifically designed to be have a steady, smooth pull. Most triggers are set at three and a half pounds, giving you the perfect amount of tension with every shot.



Anti Vibration Isolation

Many Barnett crossbows feature an anti-vibration device which reduces noise and vibration by 30 percent.

5 Year Limited Warranty

Most Barnett crossbows come with a five year limited warranty which covers any type of manufacturing defect including the stock, trigger mechanism and limb assembly. It does not cover regular wear and tear from normal use or strings, cables and arrows.

Reverse Draw

One of Barnett's newest innovations is the reverse draw, which is featured on the Vengeance, the first crossbow to have the Carbonlite riser and a reverse draw. It moves the center of gravity closer to the archer's body and reduces the front end weight of the bow, giving you the steadiest and most accurate shot possible.

More Than Crossbows

Barnett makes more than just crossbows. The company also produces youth archery supplies and slingshot products.

Check out this video review of the new Ghost 410 from Barnett.

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If you're interested in a new crossbow, Barnett is more than capable of satisfying the needs of anyone, no matter what level of experience they may have.

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Everything You Want to Know About Barnett Crossbows