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Everything You Need to Pack in Your Kayak for a Day of Fishing [PICS]

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Kayak fishing is quite an amazing stress-relieving way to chase fish. Just make sure you bring the right gear. 

With the right gear and tactics you can bring home the meat on your next kayak fishing adventure.

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Here are guidelines to help you supply your kayak for your next fishing trip.

Bring water and snacks. If you are on the water without drinking water, your thirst will be a special type of torture. Pack creature comforts like medicine, towels, etc. also. Keep the load weight on the light side.

water_bottle _older_for_fishing_kayak


Bring a small tackle box or pack. Leave the big bulky box in the truck. Take only what you will actually use. Bring your favorite fishing rod and reel combo of course, and maybe a spare set too.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 3.57.44 PM

Bring sunscreen and a big hat to shield you from the sun. I prefer long sleeves and long pants, along with a boonie-style hat. Protect your skin at all costs.



Remember to bring fishing pliers, a knife and any emergency gear including a whistle that would be viable for where you will be. A water proof first aid kit is mandatory. Make sure you have your life vest on and not simply strapped to your kayak or back at the truck. In many places it is the law.

Bass Pro


Get out there and fish. Experiment with what you use and what you don’t.

Use these tips to pack accordingly on your next trip. Good luck and see you on the water!


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Everything You Need to Pack in Your Kayak for a Day of Fishing [PICS]