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Everything You Need to Know About the ProTracker Game Recovery System [PICS]

ProTracker Game Recovery System
Facebook/Pro Tracker

The ProTracker Game Recovery System is the hottest new development in the hunting industry and I tested it out so you can know what to expect.

I was beyond excited to test out the ProTracker Game Recovery System in person and see what “The Ultimate Tracking and Recovery System” is all about.

Now, before I continue you need to know what the ProTracker Game Recovery System actually is. As the name suggests, the ProTracker is a technological system that has been developed to help bowhunters ensure that they are able to quickly and efficiently recover any and all game shot during a bow hunt.

When I first heard about the ProTracker Game Recovery System, I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about this type of product. I generally consider myself to be an old-school type of hunter and I feel strongly that as a hunter you should be able to both hunt and track anything you shoot.

After further consideration and testing of the system, I am thoroughly convinced that using this product, while not intending to replace tracking an animal but used supplementary to tracking, will mean that fewer and fewer animals are needlessly lost due to inferior tracking skills.

The Equipment

The physical product that you will receive when you order a ProTracker Game Recovery System appears to be quite well designed. It arrives in a very nice-looking aluminum case with foam inserts and cut-outs specifically for each item included.

ProTracker Game Recovery System

Included in the kit you will receive you will find:

  • 2-RF Transmitters
  • 4-Transmitter Carriers
  • 1-Tracking RF Receiver with LED Screen
  • 1-Antenna
  • 2-Practice Dummies
  • 1-Charger for Transmitters
  • 1-USB Cable for Charger
  • 1-USB to Edison plug
  • Custom Metal Carrying Case

I was initially caught off-guard at how the antenna looks; it seems quite fragile. But, after testing the system for quite some time I have no reason to believe the antenna is any less durable than the rest of the system.

Getting Started

After you get acquainted with your new system, the first thing you will want to do is grab a few arrows and the two included practice dummies (the ones without the tail) and head to the range.

ProTracker Game Recovery System

ProTracker Game Recovery System

A key factor to consider here is to make sure that you have a good target to shoot at. The target I was using, while still of fine quality for field tips, did not work so well with the ProTracker attachment. The extra weight pushed the barbed point and the dummy transmitter deep into the center of my target and it took a while and quite a bit of destruction to my target.

ProTracker did a great job of designing the transmitter carriers to have little to no effect on the flight of the arrow and the results are obvious. Upon attaching attaching the carriers to two of my arrows, and the reattaching a field tip to the front, I found my bow to need absolutely no adjustments. It shot just as true from 15 yards out to 50 yards as it does without the transmitter.

ProTracker Game Recovery System

If your bow does need to be re-tuned after attaching the system, the change should be minimal and once dialed in, you are ready for the hunt.


When it actually comes time to track with the ProTracker Game Recovery System you will probably want to practice at least once before you head out into the woods for a big game hunt. The system actually makes for an insanely intense game of hide-and-seek if you want to train with your kids.

Just make sure that the transmitters you are looking for are freshly charged (Tip: Leave them on the charger until you are ready to start your hunt. During my testing I found them to be good for around 24 hours but I wouldn’t want to push it to that during an actual hunt) and then head out into the woods.

Make sure you have the receiver set to locate the correct transmitter, via the very easy-to-operate function of programming, and you are ready to seek out your prey. For much of my testing I had my wife or my dog take the receiver and hide it in the woods. This would be great to do with children; give them about five minutes to walk a good distance away and hide before you turn on the receiver and start the search.

Once the receiver is on and you are in the general area of the transmitter, it will start indicating a number. The higher the number, the closer to the transmitter you are. As I tested I was continuously able to get a reading at well over 750 yards from my target but did need to be within around 500 yards before the directional feature really started to work well.

ProTracker Game Recovery System

To actually find your transmitter with the receiver is quite simple. You just stand with the reciever parallel to the ground and point it in each direction. I found it better to completely stop for a few seconds to give it time to search before moving on. After completing a 360-degree circle, simply start walking in the direction in which the signal was the strongest.

I suggest walking 50 to 100 yards before stopping to re-check the signal. You should find that every time you stop it will be stronger, and it will be easier to determine the appropriate direction to keep heading.

The best thing about the ProTracker Game Recovery System is that it is actually that simple. It doesn’t continue to get more complicated as you get deeper into the hunt. You just follow the strongest signal and it will lead you directly to your game.

I have been testing this system for the past couple of weeks now and only one time was I unable to find the transmitter on my own, and it was because I forgot to charge it before I had my wife hide it in the woods. Every other time I was able to locate, in a large wooded area, a transmitter that measures only a couple of inches with no help other than the receiver.

If I can do that, then I feel very confident that there will never be any issue finding a downed animal.

ProTracker Game Recovery System

The Verdict

The one way that I have not been able to test the ProTracker is on an actual hunt. Unfortunately the only game currently in season is coyote, and I was unable to get one close enough for an archery shot. That being said, I strongly encourage anyone who is bowhunting to consider investing in the ProTracker Game Recovery System.

At $699.95 the system is not cheap, but for that price you are getting an excellent product that will virtually guarantee that you have no more lost game due to tracking issues. Lost blood trails, rain, nightfall; all of these are no longer issues when you have the ProTracker system leading you directly to your game.

If you want to order or find out more about the ProTracker Game Recovery System you can visit their website at, and find them on both Facebook and Twitter. Or if you have other questions that you still have about the ProTracker, give me a shout on Twitter and I will be happy to give you my opinion.

All photos via Chris Buckner. 

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Everything You Need to Know About the ProTracker Game Recovery System [PICS]