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Everything You Need to Know About the FNH FNX 45


Here’s a look inside the FNH FNX 45 and why it might be the right gun for you.

If you are looking for a do it all, tack driving, showstopper that is sure to make your range companions jealous, the FNX 45 is the pistol for you.

The FNX 45 was designed by FN Herstal in response to the call issued by the U.S. Joint Combat Pistol Program to replace the Beretta M9 service pistol, a somewhat daunting task considering that the only two handgun designs that have ever been worthy enough of a significant government contract are the Beretta M9 and the Colt 1911, both of which have legendary combat service records.

Although the military dissolved the program, several of these cutting edge combat pistols were released to the civilian market with all the specifications required by USSOCOM.

The FNX 45 is extremely accurate for a handgun in such a large caliber, but perhaps the most impressive aspect of the FNX 45 is its ability to hold 15 rounds of 45 ACP in the magazine plus one in the chamber boasting the highest round capacity of any 45 pistol ever produced.

f sheer firepower isn’t enough to seal the deal for you, then look to the highly customizable tactical FNX version that comes ready to fit a suppressor, laser, and micro sight right out of the box.

The trigger is a double action/single action model with a double action pull of around 10 pounds and a single action pull between four and five pounds. The FNX has a checkered hand grip and is very ergonomic and well balanced in its lightweight polymer frame.


The pistol is also very reliable using any factory ammunition with the exception of some of the cheaper steel cased rounds. The only drawback is the large size of the pistol with a length of almost eight inches and a weight well over two pounds fully loaded. The FNX 45 is priced around 900 dollars and is available in black and flat dark earth.

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Everything You Need to Know About the FNH FNX 45