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Everything You Need To Go Turkey Hunting

The need-to-know turkey hunting information for grabbing those gobblers.

Ready to try your shot at a tom this year? Are you interested in shooting the bird that ends up on your dining room table come next fall's Thanksgiving feast?

Welcome to turkey hunting, a thoroughly enjoyable activity which, if you do it right, can net you some of the most delicious meat you ever eat from an animal you have harvested yourself.

However, hunting turkeys isn't the same thing as hunting deer. Where virtually any killing shot on a deer can leave plenty of meat unspoiled and ready for use, a misplaced shot during a turkey hunt can ruin half the meat on the bird's bones. Therefore, in order to help you become the accomplished turkey hunter we know you want to be, we have listed a few items that will make the job easier.

The Gun

Most turkey hunters prefer the use of a shotgun to a rifle. You will need to decide for yourself which weapon is best for the job based on what you feel comfortable with an what you think you can be accurate with.

It's also a bit nuts to buy a completely new gun for the sole purpose of turkey hunting. If you've hunted any animal in the past, chances are pretty good that you have something in your garage or shed that will get the job done.

However, there are gun-related items that you should put on your shopping list if you are serious about becoming a turkey hunter. The first is a turkey choke tube, which attaches to your shotgun so as to get the best throw and pattern of shotgun pellets at different distances. This object is used to improve your accuracy and to shoot a certain pattern of pellets that reduces the destruction of your shot. For turkey hunting, you can't go wrong with the Carlson's Ported Turkey Choke Tube ($44.99), but less expensive options are also available.

carlsonsPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

You will also likely want to pick up some specialized turkey hunting shotgun shells, of which there are a wide variety of options to choose from. Veteran turkey hunters generally say that you have to find the right ammo for your gun, your choke, and your own shooting preferences based on trial and error. In other words, find a well-rated shotgun shell to start, then try out others if you aren't satisfied.

Baiting Necessities 

Just like with dove hunting or duck hunting, turkey hunting success often comes down to the quality of your decoys, so make sure you've got a good set of turkey lookalikes to work with. The RedHead Foam Turkey Decoy 3 Pack ($29.97) is a great decoy pack to start with, though you can always buy more decoys if you think you need them.

Screenshot 2014-01-06 11.21.45

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

To round out your arsenal, pick up the RedHead RTX Deluxe Pot Friction Turkey Call ($39.99), a beautiful black walnut wood call that will be sure to bring the little gobblers flocking curiously to your position.

Screenshot 2014-01-06 11.24.53

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

Is there any other gear you consider essential turkey hunting items? Share them in the comments below.

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Everything You Need To Go Turkey Hunting