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Everything You Need for the First Day of Hunting Season

The first day of hunting season is closing in fast, so here are your last minute shopping list additions.


Well guys and gals, it's almost here. We've been waiting all spring and summer for the day we can finally head back out into the field with a deer, turkey or other game animal in our sights.

But wait, you mean to say you don't have all your gear, and you've got to make some last minute purchases? Then you've come to the right place. The Sportsman's Guide has you covered with anything you'll need, but right now would be the time to place an order to ensure it arrives before opening day.

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Check out our suggestions for some of the most commonly forgotten items, and stock up quickly before the season starts.

View the slideshow to see the hunting gear you need to have, and leave a comment if we left something out.

1. ThermaCell® Mosquito Repellent Appliance, Realtree® Camo

With so much hunting-centric gear needed to be successful, we sometimes forget about the need to protect ourselves from the elements, and of course from the pesky bugs that frequent our hunting areas.

Grab a ThermaCell® Mosquito Repellent Appliance and you won't need to worry about it anymore.

2. Scent Killer® Spray / Wipe Combo

The Scent Killer® Spray / Wipe Combo will prove to be one of those last minute purchases that teaches you quickly that it's worth stocking up on earlier. The ability to fool a deer's keen sense of smell is invaluable, and this stuff does the job. 

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3. API Outdoors® Aluminum Marksman Climber Tree Stand

Giving yourself a great vantage point for bow or rifle hunting is pretty essential, and you won't be able to do it without a trusty treestand. Try the API Outdoors® Aluminum Marksman Climber and you won't be disappointed, plus it can be installed with little time and effort on the day of the hunt, with no prior work involved.

4. Hunter Safety System® Treestalker™ Safety Harness

We rush to buy treestands and accessories that will help us reach them, but safety should be front of mind when using one. Make sure you've got a Hunter Safety System® Treestalker™ Safety Harness or similar device to guarantee you're as safe as can be.

5. Trinity Laundry Detergent, 32 ozs.

Again, since scent control is paramount, making sure your hunting clothes are free of human smells starts at home. Wash with something like Trinity Laundry Detergent to take one more important step towards a scent-free hunt.

6. 3-Pk. of Rage® Hypodermic 100 grain Broadheads

You've got your bow, it's sighted in, and your arrows are bought and prepared. But what about reliable broadheads? Rage® Hypodermic 100 grain broadheads are worth stocking up on, and making sure you have replacements when needed. It's better to have them and not need them, than need them and not have them.

7. 25-Pk. Grizzly Tree Steps with 2 Gun & Bow Holders

Don't forget about tree steps and weapon hangers, which can all be tackled with a 25-Pk. of Grizzly Tree Steps with 2 Gun & Bow Holders. They're inexpensive when you buy in bulk.

8. Mossy Oak® Pro Hunter Skinning Knife

Maybe your hunting knife has reached old age, or you lost one last season. Whatever the reason, making sure you're prepared with a Mossy Oak® Pro Hunter Skinning Knife goes a long way when you finally drop the game you're after.

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9. Steiner® 10x26mm Waterproof Binoculars

We all know how important general scouting is, and we also know that spotting deer before they spot us is huge. Go for some Steiner® 10x26mm Waterproof Binoculars if you're in need of a new pair this season.

10. 3-Pk. of 5-LED Cap Lights

If your hunting plans involve early mornings or late, after dark nights, then a 3-Pk. of 5-LED Cap Lights might just be the best last minute investment you can make. The price is right and you'll have backups or options for friends.

11. ScentBlocker® XLT™ Camo Ball Cap

Camouflage and scent blocking technology in one killer hat? The ScentBlocker® XLT™ Camo Ball Cap takes care of it for you. Look good and be confident that your headwear is functional.

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12. Guard Dog Security® Stealth Stun Gun / Flashlight

Protect yourself the right way with this Guard Dog Security® Stealth Stun Gun / Flashlight combo, and you'll ensure the utmost safety after dark. Unsavory characters beware.

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Everything You Need for the First Day of Hunting Season