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Everything Deer Hunting Related You Should Have When Opening Day Hits

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Opening day is on the horizon, here’s everything deer hunting related you should have when opening day hits.

As you climb up into your stand on opening morning, it strikes you. Son of a $%!&, I forgot my [you fill it in]. There is nothing worse than not having everything you need to go deer hunting. Here is a comprehensive list of what you should have before opening day hits in your state.

1. License

First and foremost, it is illegal to deer hunt without a proper license. Don’t skip this one!

2. A hunting spot

You can’t deer hunt if you don’t have anywhere to sit opening evening. Make sure you have a spot that you are confident in.

3. Treestand/Ground blind

It’s a bit hard to hunt out of a stand or blind if you don’t have one.

4. Working bow

Make sure your bow is dialed in and ready to go.

5. Arrows/Broadheads

If you need new arrows or broadheads, now is the time to pick them up and practice with them before opening day.

6. Scent elimination system

The wind is the reason most hunters get busted. Doing everything you can to help with your scent is critical. Make sure by opening day all of your hunting clothes have been washed in scent eliminating detergent.

7. Scent-free storage

If you don’t have some type of bag or bin to store your hunting clothes in, now is the time to pick one up.

8. Flashlight/batteries

Double check that your flashlight is working. If it isn’t pick up some batteries for it, and have it ready to go.

9. Hand clippers

There’s nothing much worse than getting in to your stand opening morning and having a small twig you didn’t notice while cutting shooting lanes. A small set of clippers makes it easy to rid that problem quickly.

10. Wind checker

I use some type of wind checker constantly while deer hunting. It allows you to know exactly how your wind is the whole time you are in the field.

11. Harness

Self-explanatory. Every time you head out hunting, there should be no reason to worry about an accident. If you don’t have a harness, you should.

12. Hunting pack

Many of these items are easier to carry with you to the stand using a hunting backpack. I wouldn’t be able to hunt without mine.

13. Proper clothing

What kind of weather do you hunt in? Does it vary in temperature? Are you able to hunt in the rain? Make sure you can be comfortable in any type of weather based on your clothing system. This includes everything down to your socks and gloves.

14. Optics

I find that I depend on my optics no matter what type of terrain I am hunting. They will make your life a lot easier.

15. Rangefinder

When bowhunting, knowing the distance between you and your target is a must.

16. Calls

Calling to deer doesn’t always work, but there is a time and a place for it, and you may need that grunt tube even in September and October.

17. GPS/Compass

Even if you know your spot like the back of your hand, you never know where you could end up if you shoot a deer and have to go on a long track job. The security you feel when having one with you is important in itself.

18. Bow hoist/hanger

Don’t try to climb up to your stand holding your bow. Have a rope to pull it up, and then a bow hanger in the tree so you can be hands free.

19. Knife/Gutting gloves

Why go deer hunting not expecting to shoot something? Have your gutting knife and gloves ready to go in your pack.

20. Deer cart

If you hunt somewhere you cant access with your truck or four wheeler, or don’t have one, a deer cart can be a lifesaver to get your deer out of the woods.

21. Zip ties

If you don’t have zip ties, get some. You will find that you use them for everything. They are simply handy to have on you.

22. Lighted nocks

I highly recommend picking up some type of lighted nocks. Knowing where on your deer your arrow struck is highly important.

23. A hunting buddy

Hunting with a friend is much more fun than by yourself. Even if you don’t physically hunt together, have someone to help you scout and to be there to help you find your harvest. What’s the fun in hunting if you have nobody to share your memories with?

24. A plan

Don’t go into opening day without a plan. You will be much more successful with one.

25. The right mindset

It’s something you need for deer season. Season can be long and grueling, but with the right mindset, your chances of success go way up.

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Everything Deer Hunting Related You Should Have When Opening Day Hits