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Everything a Beginner Angler Needs To Get Started

A beginner angler needs the right gear to get started.

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These gear selections were made with the beginner angler in mind, whether it’s a youngster you’re looking to introduce the sport to, or an older person who doesn’t have experience.

We suggested several items, some of which should be first on your shopping list and others you can add soon after, but all of them are catered to the non-expert crowd.

Take a look at the beginner angler gear in the slideshow, and let us know if you have more suggestions.

1. Shakespeare® Ugly Stik® GX2™ Youth Spinning Combo

Perhaps one of the best youth models on the market, the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Youth Spinning Combo is a worthy first rig. The double-anodized-aluminum spool and an oversized bail reels in line smoothly and casts with little resistance.

The rod is strong and lightweight, and versatile when it comes to the kind of fish you want to catch.The seven-year warranty isn’t too bad either.

Price: $39.99

2. Pflueger® Echelon™ Spinning Combo

Go for the Pflueger Echelon Spinning Combo if you’re just starting out and don’t want to spend a lot. It has five ball bearings for a smooth run and a Sure-Click bail to make things easy.

The rod comes in a few different lengths, which can help if you’re taller or have a longer wingspan.

Price: $59.99

3. Plano® 5000 Take Me Fishing Tackle Box

A good tackle box is essential, and the Plano 5000 Take Me Fishing Tackle Box is just what a kid needs. Not that an adult wouldn’t get great use out of it, but this one was designed for the youngsters.

It’s made of super durable plastic and comes with a 10-compartment pull-out tray. A portion of the profits of these tackle boxes go towards the Future Fisherman Foundation, a group dedicated to introducing America’s youth to angling and the outdoors.

Price: $16.99

4. Plano® KVD Signature Series Tackle Speedbags

One step up from the Take Me Fishing Tackle Box is the  Plano KVD Signature Series Tackle Speedbags, a unique compact way of carrying the fishing gear you need when you first start out.

A one-zip closure and three ProLatch Stowaway boxes will hold lures, baits and more.

Sale Price: $8.99

5. Rapala® Fish’n Fillet® Superflex™ Fillet Knife

If you’re going to be fishing for food, a Rapala Fish’n Fillet Superflex Fillet Knife will help you turn fresh fish into great meals.

The extra-thin blade gives you great control and flexibility, and it comes with a leather sheath. Four, six or seven inch knives are available.

Price: $17.99

6. Rapala® Combo Pack

The Rapala Combo Pack features all the on-the-water tools you’ll need. A pair of 6 1/2″ fisherman’s pliers, 5 1/2″ forceps, a 25-lb. scale and Rapala clipper and a carrying sheath are all included.

Toss it in your tackle box and you’ll never be without the essentials you know you’ll need eventually.

Price: $29.99

7. Berkley® IRONSilk Fishing Line

Winner of the Best in Show Award for fishing line at the 2014 ICAST, Berkley IRONSilk Fishing Line is the kind of no-fuss line you want on your reel.

It is equally as useful for a pro as it is for a beginner, and it boasts superior abrasion durability and a cast as smooth as silk.

Price: $9.95

8. Smith Optics Mastermind Sunglasses – Polarized

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that sunglasses aren’t critical fishing gear. Joe Thomas from the Outdoor Channel’s Sthil’s Reel in the Outdoors said so himself.

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And not just any shades will do; check out the Smith Optics Mastermind Sunglasses for a polarized pair, the essential ingredient for good fishing glasses. They’ll allow you to see underwater and determine vegetation, bottom structure and even that fat bass as it rises to the surface.

Price: $74.95

9. Bass Pro Shops® Superline Vertical Drop Hooks

We could go on and on about the lures and bait that beginners should look towards, but a lot of that depends on what you’re fishing for and where yo uare, as well as the time of year and weather conditions. But when it comes to fishing, one thing is always needed: hooks.

The Bass Pro Shops Superline Vertical Drop Hooks are weighted to help with versatility, and when rigged with a plastic bait or otherwise, can be retrieved slow or fast depending on needs.

Price: $4.29

10. YETI Roadie 20

Okay, okay, maybe a super duty YETI Roadie 20 cooler isn’t the most essential item for a beginning angler, but c’mon, you know you’ll need to keep fish fresh when you catch them.

Might as well go with the best, and count on a YETI to keep your drinks cold too. Because a fishing trip with some nice beverages is always a little better.

Price: $249.99

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Everything a Beginner Angler Needs To Get Started