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Everyone Needs a Military Grade Shot Glass [PICS]

Original MuzzleShot

Looking for the perfect gift for the gun enthusiast in your life? Check out this awesome barware from MuzzleShot!

MuzzleShot shot glasses and rocks glasses are hard-coat anodized, aluminum ballistic barware styled after the classic A2 muzzle flash suppressor.

Original MuzzleShot

The A2 Flash Suppressor is the standard fitment on all U.S. military M16A2s and M4s, as well as a common muzzle attachment for commercial AR-15s. MuzzleShot chose this design because the dust shield element enables customized engraving.

The MuzzleShot shot glass holds up to 1.5 fluid ounces. You can also buy a sturdy cordura nylon carrying pouch, which is available in three color varieties and is sold separately.

Instagram / Original MuzzleShot

The Middy is the big brother to the shot glass. It has the same design as the MuzzleShot shot glass and holds up to 10 fluid ounces. The Middy is currently sold out, but will be available again soon.

The company, which is based in Alexandria, Viginia, also offers engraving services to personalize your barware with your name or an original design. You’ll never buy plain old glass barware again!

All photos, unless otherwise specified, via Instagram / Original MuzzleShot

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Everyone Needs a Military Grade Shot Glass [PICS]