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Because Everyone Should Know How To Gut and Skin a Rabbit [VIDEO]

Here’s an in-depth look at how to gut and skin a rabbit from a guy who looks like he’s done it a time or two before.

This YouTube video was uploaded by FieldsportsTV, who describes himself as a pest control expert in Northeast England. He shares a mix of videos, from highlights of his work to his hobbies, which must include some rabbit hunting moonlighting.

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This is a seriously educational video, and the gentleman who’s in front of the camera knows his stuff.

Take some caution and heed the video’s advice: “Please do not view this video if you are offended by the control of wild rabbits.”

If you’re experienced in small game harvesting, these steps will be pretty familiar across the board. If you’ve never seen anyone manipulate rabbits like that, you’re probably a little amazed.

Something tells us a lot of you are also thinking, “Why can’t gutting and skinning a deer be that easy?”

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One question: What did he do with all those rabbit’s feet?

And remember, “Nobody likes to see piles of guts lying about.”

Have you ever gutted and skinned a rabbit? After watching this, do you intend on giving it a try?

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Because Everyone Should Know How To Gut and Skin a Rabbit [VIDEO]