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Everyone Can Now Watch the Most Epic, Documented Public Land Hunt

Feast your eyes on a historic hunt that will forever go the books.

Fall is the time of year when legends are made. I’m not talking about football, a turkey bowl, or any other fall tradition. I’m talking deer hunting. Every year larger than life stories eternalize into the culture of hunting.

Last December I was sitting at my desk working on a piece when a phone call came through, it was Jared Scheffler of Whitetail Adrenaline. As he started to describe the hunt, I instantly knew it would be extremely difficult to do it justice. After the lengthy interview, I pieced together one of the most rollercoaster hunts I’ve ever heard.

Check out the trailer to the DVD that was released this month.

The trailer is just a glimmer of the entire hunt. I was able to sit down and watch over two hours of their latest release, “Defiance.”

If you like big bucks, no ads, and seeing a historic hunt unfold this DVD is a must. This production also does a great job of breaking down the dynamics and strategies of hunting the vast acres of Kansas public land. I was surprised by the number of deer the crew saw on their adventure. Furthermore, it’s clear this crew loves hunting and doesn’t give up when all odds are against them. This video will pump up any avid whitetail deer hunter.

A hunt like this isn’t something that happens every year, heck even ten years. Thankfully, Jared and his hunting buddy Chancy documented the entire hunt and adventure for everyone to experience.



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Everyone Can Now Watch the Most Epic, Documented Public Land Hunt