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Everybody Eats in the Deer Hood with Kelvin Peña

The deer hood just got real. 

The Internet is full of crazy things. One really crazy thing that is taking social media by storm as we write this is the story of Kelvin Peña and his deer squad. Well, make that the story of Money, a real nice buck, and his family – the deer squad. As you are about to see, Peña just moved from Texas to Pennsylvania and quickly made some new friends. Low and behold, we can’t get enough of it.

As soon as Peña realized he had a whole herd of deer at his beck and call, videos quickly followed. However, as much as we don’t condone feeding wild animals, these videos are pretty awesome.

WARNING: harsh and offensive language.

It’s not just Money that hangs out with Peña either. The deer squads represents as well.

Apparently, some of Peña’s deer squad loves to eat Pringles. Yet again, everybody eats!

All this time, hunters have spent countless hours out in the woods. Little did we know, we just needed some crackers and a basketball goal.

Don’t even think this is the end of these video’s either. Just check out Peña’s Twitter page. You can watch some deer basketball, meet new members of the family, and just all around feel like one with the squad relaxing in the deer hood out in the woods of Pennsylvania.

One last thing, since we all have a feeling we are going to be hearing about how “everybody eats” for a while, you can even buy a shirt to help support the deer family. We aren’t sure how legitimate this is, but you can check it out right here.

Now, good luck not sharing this with your friends.


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Everybody Eats in the Deer Hood with Kelvin Peña